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The Roof, the Roof, the Roof is on Fire

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Saturday, May 1st, 2004
12:15 am - note: crossposted from my journal

it's finally hitting that Tara is actually leaving. i can't believe it. she made a beautiful goodbye post in her journal, ohmypersephone, and what she wrote to me completely floored me:

Lior - you are an amazing actress and I am constantly in awe of how completely intelligent and talented you are...you brought everything about the theatre that i loved and set an example of how perfect it could be...you are just fabulously wonderfully-named Lior-y and i'm sorry i'm not more articulate but i'm not sure i can be...you are so a Hunter Sydney Bristow...less than three (I can't pull saying that off, you can "type" it much more hiply, but if I could, I would!) i will miss you.

although i posted a response, i wanted to post it here as well, so that everyone knows how much we love tara.

my response.Collapse )

tara, i wish you the best of luck in paris and everything that follows. i have so much faith that you will succeed incredibly, and change the world somehow, even in just a little, personal way. you're already on your way there. i know you have definitely changed my life, and everyone else's who has known you here at hunter. we are all just a little bit better for knowing you. let us know how everything is going, keep us updated!


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Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
1:10 pm - Welcome, Vilkommen, Bienvenue, etc.

Seeing that this is the first post on this community, it should be a big HELLO AND WELCOME to all Brick Prison Shakespeare Etc. '04 people, aka the Cast of Much Ado About Nothing. I didn't create this thing, but it is a wonderful idea and therefore many props, snaps, and sacrificial offerings are due to the creator, who I believe is Maia or Tara. MWAH! Hm... I never really sent out a list of Thank Yous/Shout Outs from the Party, so here goes...
-- The sexy Chicago-singing girls (and Tristian) for being sexy and rocking.
-- Tristian for the pot of coke, which still makes me laguh. :D
-- Tara's mom for just staying in her room (thank goodness) and her house for being awesome and full of really cool art.
-- Benji for the plums in the icebox and being high on life, which after all is just a trip, ne?
-- the bathroom for its random drama, i.e. me in the tub w/ Benji, Ray, and Molly gathered round.
-- Emma and her lists, even though it didn't happen.
-- Jason and Carl, outside in the hallway, for their valiant efforts. Hah.
-- The white dining room for all that transpired there.
-- the WHOLE CAST, for turning my line into a running joke and now a community. I less-than-three you guys muchly.

<3 ~!Chiara

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