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note: crossposted from my journal

it's finally hitting that Tara is actually leaving. i can't believe it. she made a beautiful goodbye post in her journal, ohmypersephone, and what she wrote to me completely floored me:

Lior - you are an amazing actress and I am constantly in awe of how completely intelligent and talented you are...you brought everything about the theatre that i loved and set an example of how perfect it could be...you are just fabulously wonderfully-named Lior-y and i'm sorry i'm not more articulate but i'm not sure i can be...you are so a Hunter Sydney Bristow...less than three (I can't pull saying that off, you can "type" it much more hiply, but if I could, I would!) i will miss you.

although i posted a response, i wanted to post it here as well, so that everyone knows how much we love tara.

oh my god. it's just beginning to hit that you're really leaving. i can't believe it. you're one of the coolest people i know, and i feel like i'm being cheated of a friend. i'm just getting to know you, and boom! gone. you have no idea how sad that makes me. i suppose i have my own personal goodbye to say now, then.

tara- you are absolutely one of the most interesting people i know. i love that you're so unique, and you're not afraid to be yourself. you're incredibly intelligent, and so sweet. you stand out in every crowd, but somehow manage to be a good person for all that. you're going to go so far in life, and when you grow up to be a famous author (hell, you're already halfway there), i'll be one of those people who sits back and says, hey, i knew that girl, and is proud of it. i'm so glad to have known you, even for this short amount of time. i'm sure that we'll keep in touch, however, and i want to hear how everything is going! thank you so much for what you said about me. i'm incredibly flattered, and coming from you, what was said holds a lot of weight with me. good luck in paris, i'm sure you'll have a lot of fun. miss us a little, but don't let us get in the way of making the best of your opportunities and enjoying your life. don't forget us either though!

keep in touch. i less than three you muchly. <3.

jesus. this makes me want to cry. i hate goodbyes. which is why this isn't really one! ahh, LJ, you wonderful invention, you.

tara, i wish you the best of luck in paris and everything that follows. i have so much faith that you will succeed incredibly, and change the world somehow, even in just a little, personal way. you're already on your way there. i know you have definitely changed my life, and everyone else's who has known you here at hunter. we are all just a little bit better for knowing you. let us know how everything is going, keep us updated!

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