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For Everyone in the Cast

Cross-posted from my personal journal....

I wrote this for all of you in the cast, somewhere suspended in an airplane between Geneva and Rome.
I will miss you all. Honestly.

The Night I Was Kerouac
By Tara Isabella -----------

It was two in the morning and us thespians spoke
Of little things, or the meaning of life
And wit by the flowers us thespians made
And cut with the glee of a double-edged knife
We talked of quantum physics and time
As time left us onwards, emotions were rife

And two of the world stabbed each other with swords
Let's revel in our ambiguity
Let's give up our secrets with incense and wine
A kind of sarcastic virginity
While the night was still graying we sat and we cried
And bound by our silence the world wept with me

We'd screamed and we'd shouted, let burning things burn
But watched the flames rising devour our masks
Petitioned sweet artifice our faces to wear
Us thespians were only up to the task
We were our costumes, and Beatrice all
Much ado about something, but what no-one asks

The pains, they all deadened by some night's misty spell
And we said, "I love you" as one silent stayed
And you are a muse, and amusing, we said
And from the slim path, us thespians strayed
And drenched in love, oh, love's scent is rose
I knew as my moments ecstatic were made

Oh, Isabel Archer! What choice have you said?

And a girl made of springtime, a boy with two names
Maybe I was to them able to speak
We promised us soul mates, we who stood alone
But Beatrice and Benedick were never as meek
Like the lover whose dueling cuts down a fig tree
Oh God, oh God, were we all made this weak?

"These beautiful girls in beautiful dreams"
That's what we said and a love never knew
A greater choking on tears, but to all of us now
We'd kiss anyone without need to subdue
On the soul, with all ardor, communion of souls
And through tears and our secrets transformed us to dew

Oh I look in a mirror and us thespians see
As we discuss Frank O'Hara at two-twenty-eight
And we love as we know them but with each we cry
A moment, a blushing, what we make ourselves hate
But we touch all the same and some are silent still
Save for a flushed knowledge we have time to wait

And all that we'd cloistered, that the duelers had hid
A moment we held them and with it goodbye
With lover overflowing, this bohemian life
Come with me to me, love, and forever we'll fly
You're a dandy, a savior, a king or a fool
Our souls can surrender, can mingle, can die

Remember when they called this thing dignity?

"The short time I knew you - thank you for that"
I'd have given you more were the clocks of my mind!
"I loved knowing you though it was just for a while"
As if none of this in a mirror we'd find?
"I'll miss you," "I miss you", "Oh, to know what you know"
"Well goodbye," said so simply, to my likeness in kind

Under the Cold War and Wilde, the moon shone out bright
I think that I said: "I liked your hair"
Abandon it! All who have never have sketched
The ones that came with my, Psyche stripped and laid bare
Lay across them so softly, with a rose in my hand
Oh, a cab took us down to Union Square!

Two kissed above me, cocoon made of love
And all that we know is by moonshine defied
And pass it from Shakespeare, a pendant we gave
We all fall asleep joining dreams side by side
A dandy, a savior, they I loved and I knew
Those brief eye-met moments where nobody lied

And if we could capture the world in a sphere
We'd all know, it's just us, there's no going back
And if everything is an illusion of ours
When an archaic typewriter goes clickety clack
At least we had April, and costumes, a stage
The night that I was Kerouac

I'll say it tomorrow - if my heart's not a rock.
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