Lamia Sehnsucht (ohmypersephone) wrote in wisenobleyoung,
Lamia Sehnsucht

You Know You're A Shakespeare Nerd When

[x] You scream at the screen during TV shakespeare productions when they get it wrong
[x] Every line has a hidden meaning or inside joke attached
[x] You accidentally quote Shakespeare in your daily life
[x] You say something normal, which immediately segways into a Shakespeare quote
[x] There are more cast parties than cast members
[x] You've seriously considered starting a commune with your cast
[x] You accidentally call people by their character names
[x] Your AIM name is a quote from the show
[x] You go around the world finding productions of your show and compare it to yours
[x] Yours always wins
[x] You live vicariously through your character
[x] You go backstage and steal show memorabilia just to be nostalgic.
[x] You doodle pretty calligraphic cast lists instead of taking math notes
[x] You have written slash fanfiction based on the line "half Signor Benedick's tounge in Count John's mouth..."
[x] You have written slash fanfiction with no basis whatsoever
[x] You have shipper names for characters like Hodio and Benetrice. Or Pedrato.
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