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Welcome, Vilkommen, Bienvenue, etc.

Seeing that this is the first post on this community, it should be a big HELLO AND WELCOME to all Brick Prison Shakespeare Etc. '04 people, aka the Cast of Much Ado About Nothing. I didn't create this thing, but it is a wonderful idea and therefore many props, snaps, and sacrificial offerings are due to the creator, who I believe is Maia or Tara. MWAH! Hm... I never really sent out a list of Thank Yous/Shout Outs from the Party, so here goes...
-- The sexy Chicago-singing girls (and Tristian) for being sexy and rocking.
-- Tristian for the pot of coke, which still makes me laguh. :D
-- Tara's mom for just staying in her room (thank goodness) and her house for being awesome and full of really cool art.
-- Benji for the plums in the icebox and being high on life, which after all is just a trip, ne?
-- the bathroom for its random drama, i.e. me in the tub w/ Benji, Ray, and Molly gathered round.
-- Emma and her lists, even though it didn't happen.
-- Jason and Carl, outside in the hallway, for their valiant efforts. Hah.
-- The white dining room for all that transpired there.
-- the WHOLE CAST, for turning my line into a running joke and now a community. I less-than-three you guys muchly.

<3 ~!Chiara
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April 7 2004, 11:47:47 UTC 13 years ago

This is Maia who is at work and would like to point out that it was Tara and I, not Trisitan, who are responsible for said pot. So ne'er.

Deleted comment

This is the best thing to come home to after jetlag.
But I may have sprayed water all over the monitor when I laughed.

Deleted comment

i could have told you that.



May 10 2010, 14:14:39 UTC 7 years ago

my friend posted something on my face book page, a line from shakespear with the line and act attached... basically it was stating that I needed to be descriet about my love.... I had previously posted about how my boyfriend bought me a braclet and I guess this friend got jealous... so to beat them at their own game I wanted to post something about "shouting from the rooftops my joy" or love or something like that...only problem is... i dont know anything about shakespear. can anyone help